Greenville is the right size market where you can be known. You can make a splash. You can meet with anybody here. Everyone is accessible.

-Marco Suarez, Methodical Coffee co-founder

Methodical Coffee: Brewing a Booming Business FROM HERE

That first sip. Coffee lovers know it well.

It hits your lips. An explosion of flavor fills your mouth - sending a jolt of energy through your body. A well-curated cup of coffee can immerse you in a warm, fuzzy vibe. Methodical Coffee Co-founder and Head of Customer Experience, Marco Suarez, hopes his customers see, smell, and taste the mission of Methodical: to make you feel better when you leave than when you arrived.

“We exist to enrich minds, tastes, and relationships through coffee,” said Suarez.


When he first got the itch to open a coffee business, Suarez noticed downtown Greenville was missing a modern shop with that vibe he craved. He reached out to Will Shurtz (Methodical’s Head of Coffee), who brought in David Baker (Head of Operations), and on February 11, 2015 they opened in downtown Greenville with “a line out the door.”

The founders aren’t from here, but Suarez said the connectivity for entrepreneurs and the landscape for raising a business and family drew them to Greenville from the jump.

“Greenville is the right size market where you can be known. You can make a splash,” Suarez said. “You can meet with anybody here. Everyone is accessible.”
Methodical Co-founder Will Shurtz, Spinx Company CEO Steve Spinks, Greenville City Councilman John DeWorken

They’re certainly making that splash. The trio expanded their operations to roasting in the summer of 2016. Since then, they have opened two more locations and expanded their wholesale operation nationwide. Next up – they’re renovating a massive warehouse in Travelers Rest where they plan to build their roasting headquarters and bring together likeminded businesses.


During a recent Flywheel Café networking event, Suarez and Shurtz spoke extensively about how they run their growing business with three owners. While going into business with friends can be tricky, the men of Methodical say mutual respect, transparency, and their unique skillsets keep them grounded and help them succeed.

Will Shurtz and Marco Suarez at Flywheel Cafe event at Fireforge Crafted Beer

“You fight for the business, but you also fight for your friendship, and we just want to keep that front of mind,” said Shurtz. Suarez and Shurtz agreed their complimentary skillsets keep tension from brewing.

“We still collaborate and require unanimous vote on everything we do,” said Suarez. “It’s very much like a marriage where you’re committed to a person, and that relationship comes before anything else,” he continued. “Even above the health of the business, we want our relationships to be healthy.”

“I really just want people to know that Methodical is a very human company,” said Shurtz. “We want to invite people in, and we want to create relationships.”

In the next two years, their hope is to have Methodical in cups globally – bringing people all over the world together, FROM HERE.