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Sharing Good Greenville Vibes

By now, millions have watched a 60 Minutes segment on nationwide workforce trends that showcased Greenville’s resilience and innovation.

Since the story aired, we’ve watched good vibes spread organically through posts from our leaders, founders, and neighbors who love to see the spotlight shine on our city.

“The Big Quit” featured Greenville working mom Melissa Williams and three of the city’s successful entrepreneurs. Williams recently traded in her traditional office job for remote work. Her new roles at Worxbee, founded by one of our featured Greenville Doers, Kenzie Biggins, give Williams more flexibility to balance her family and her career and leave room for her passion of teaching English.

Overall, the 60 Minutes story didn’t paint a rosy picture of America’s workforce. However, it did explain why people like Melissa Williams are joining “The Great Resignation” in droves and why many of them are moving TO Greenville and AWAY from cities with higher crime rates and cost of living.

Our founders are competing for top talent in a new era of work that gives job seekers an advantage over job providers. Accessible technology and remote work options have made workforce recruitment and retention a current and future challenge for cities around the world.

Many of Greenville’s founders are inspiring us with the creative ways they are finding, wooing, and keeping qualified candidates.

Whether you’re one of those employers, a long-time member of our community, or a 60 Minutes viewer fed up with a rigid office job who’s ready for a new adventure in a cool place to live, we’re glad you found us!

Michelle Willis