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Third Thursday Helps Greenville Entrepreneurs Share What They Have to Offer

Poe West comes to life on the third Thursday of each month. There’s a vibe. A tangible entrepreneurial spirit.

The Third Thursday Market is an off shoot of Village Launch, a non-profit social enterprise that supports grass-roots founders and innovators on their path toward profitability.

Village Launch provides holistic business training and connects emerging entrepreneurs with seasoned professionals. Since its creation in 2014, Village Launch has graduated over 150 entrepreneurs from their incubator program, with 70% being minority owned and 92% being women owned.

Through a partnership with CommunityWorks and Greenville Local Development Corporation, they have been able to expand their Business Entrepreneur Academy to support more entrepreneurs in the West side special emphasis neighborhoods in the city.

The City of Greenville is a proud sponsor of the Third Thursday Market. We are inspired by stories of entrepreneurs like Javela Singleton.

“Javela Singleton is Owner & Head Creative of Gifted Hands Artisan Soap a boutique, small batch, soap company located in Greenville, SC. Javela has crafted delightful, handmade soap fragrances, from eucalyptus to lavender, prioritizing the ingredients going into them by avoiding harmful substances found in mainstream soaps. Javela has a passion for making bodies sing through her business which produces exquisitely designed bars, creams, and balms. A business birth purely out of personal need during a time in her life that seemed dim, lifeless & a bit hopeless."

"Her journey was marriage and motherhood, or so she thought. Soon after marrying her husband, Steven, Javela was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a leading cause of infertility. Desiring to have children, and raised in a strong faith community, Javela prayed for healing, but also sought ways she could help alleviate the problem. Through extensive research, she discovered that certain chemicals in personal care and cleaning products can disrupt hormones in our bodies, which can affect fertility.”

Merle Johnson is the Director of Economic and Community Development for the City of Greenville

Michelle Willis