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Clemson University Bioengineering Seniors at Huguenot Mill in Greenville

Top Bioengineering Talent Solving Real World Problems

Partnerships between education and industry are critical to innovation, workforce development, and a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Here in the Upstate, Clemson University's internationally-known Bioengineering Department attracts top talent in math, science, and design. Students in the program work alongside professional partners trying to solve some of the world's most challenging medical problems.

In addition to cutting edge design skills they learn in the Bioengineering program, the students bring youthful energy, fresh perspective, and a deep desire to help people.

This spring, students showcased their innovative medical devices at the Huguenot Mill in Greenville. Twenty-two teams of seniors and five teams of grad students designed devices to help their partners in the medical profession better serve their patients. As part of their coursework, students created prototypes, conducted market research, dove into intellectual property laws, made marketing materials, and crafted a pitch for "investors."

People who attended the symposium walked around, listened to the pitches, and doled out their fake investment dollars to the teams whose projects impressed them the most.

While the devices the students designed may never make it to market, the experience they gained during this process helped them all grow in tangible and intangible ways. Many of the students were so pumped about their work that they will return to Clemson for the Bioengineering masters program.

The problems these students were working to solve were high-level challenges, and the titles of their projects reflect that. Don't be embarrassed if you don't know what they are (some went way over our heads, too)!

We're all winning because of what students are creating in the Clemson Bioengineering Department, but every contest has to have results, right? Here's a look at the winners of the Senior Design Symposium.

Watch Clemson Bioengineering Students in Action!


Device: Venous Drainage Stabilizing Cannula

Team: Laurel Egerter, Rachel Emerson, Julia Mae Lunt, Lily Sykes, Alex Tedeschi

Instructors: Dr. Tyler Harvey (left in pink sport coat) and Dr. John DesJardins (right)


Device: Lymph Node Laparascopic Biopsy Instrument

Team: Abigail Shaffer, Katie Konieczny, Laura Stuart, Ethan Lasche, Nick Morrison

Instructors: Dr. Tyler Harvey (back row second from left) and Dr. John DesJardins (right)


Device: Shunt Malfunction Detection Device

Team: Ally Reichart, Jordan Cole, Sarah Stevens, Karly Ripple, Kathleen Fallon

Instructors: Dr. Tyler Harvey (left) and Dr. John DesJardins (right)


Device: Pre-eclampsia Early Detection Device

Team: Claudia Sisk Megan Keech, Ryan Hernandez-Cancela, Jordan Martin, Bradley Elliott

Instructors: Dr. Tyler Harvey (left) and Dr. John DesJardins (right)

**Pictures provided by Clemson University Bioengineering Department**

Michelle Willis