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Using Science to Find Solutions

The big economic development news in Greenville this week was also big news for the state’s life sciences industry.

Kiyatec, Inc., a company making breakthrough discoveries in cancer treatment, is moving to Main Street to anchor the city’s new downtown Innovation District.

It’s a $5 million investment that will create nearly 100 new jobs.

The life sciences industry is big business in South Carolina. The Department of Commerce says it’s the fastest-growing sector of the state’s innovation economy. 43,000 people work at 670 life sciences companies across South Carolina. The industry’s economic impact is huge: $12 billion a year.

Former Clemson football player James Chappell has been the CEO of SCBIO for a little over a month. Chappell said Kiyatec’s move to Main Street in Greenville is a huge deal.

He said the city already has everything it needs to build a successful downtown Innovation District. It’s now Chappell’s job to champion Kiyatec and other businesses in the life sciences industry in South Carolina. He thinks the future is bright.

What is SCBIO, and what’s in store for life sciences in the state?

Hear what SCBIO CEO James Chappell has to say

Life Sciences Growing in Greenville

In just the last two months, three life sciences companies in Greenville, including Kiyatec, have had big developments. In November, Luxor Scientific announced it’s investing $3.2 million to expand research and development in Greenville and create more than 50 new jobs. Luxor does work for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the state of South Carolina, and many private companies across the country from its lab in Greenville.

SC Launch, the South Carolina Research Authority’s entrepreneurial support program, awarded Zylo Therapeutics $300,000 last month to continue its groundbreaking work. Zylo’s CEO chose to start up in Greenville because he saw a wealth of resources that he could tap into to grow his company. Zylo was a semifinalist for this year’s NEXT Venture Pitch competition, and early-stage investment group Venture South has also backed the company.

James Chappell, Knox White, Matt Gevaert

Momentum with the Move

SCBIO CEO James Chappell says there’s a lot of momentum surrounding Kiyatec’s move downtown, and he thinks the life sciences industry will continue to grow here.

Greenville supports its founders. We have funding, we have a well-trained workforce, and we have brilliant innovators ready to change the world using science to solve problems.

Michelle Willis