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How are you Changing the World? We're all ears—and would love to feature your blog, podcast, or vlog here on our Groundbreakers content hub. Ready to start? See submission guidelines below this form.

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Submission Guidelines

The Groundbreakers Blog focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation in Greenville, South Carolina. On the companies scaling up and innovating today—and on the entrepreneurs, executives and other experts who are making it happen. Our core topics include general innovation and entrepreneurship, startup ecosystems, and business growth in Greenville South Carolina. Our tone of voice is professional, yet approachable and progressive.

Content should meet the following criteria

The subject(s) of the article should be based in the greater Greenville, South Carolina area.

The author should be based in the region and writing from a regional perspective (general stories about industry trends, how-tos, tips, personal development, origin story, why they moved their business to Greenville, etc.). All submitted content is subject to any editing needed to ensure it fits our voice, standards, length, format and more.

The Technical Stuff

Written submissions should range between 400–750 words maximum, and they should include a compelling intro, 2–3 sentences in length, plus a logical conclusion. You are welcome to submit a photo, video or graphic, but we will not guarantee inclusion within the article. Photos should be royalty-free, and provide the proper photography credit. You must link to all sources you are using for stats and references.

If you're submitting a Podcast or Video, please provide a brief intro that outlines the subject, topic, and purpose of your content. Professional-quality videos and podcasts that meet our editorial standards may be embedded or linked to in the e-news section (hello, fresh exposure!) and added to the curated content player at YouCanGreenvilleSC.com.

Repurposing and Sharing Content

Our readers are already at the forefront of what's new—so we ask that you only submit original content or content that has been substantially edited and repurposed for our audience and editorial style.

You are more than welcome to share or promote your content on social, too. If the story was originally published at YouCanGreenvilleSC.com, we kindly request that you link back to the original piece on our website.