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is a great place to start and grow a business.

"Greenville's Spin Away From Textiles Brings Million-Dollar Condos"

"That's the price of success for Greenville, which has transformed from a city once reliant on the textile industry into one with a diverse economy and vibrant downtown that's lured major companies from tiremaker Michelin to TD Bank."

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WSJ Greenville featured on the Forefront of the Economic Recovery

"They also have a mix of high-tech jobs and old-line industries, including manufacturing and finance, that turned out to be more resistant to the downturn. They came through the year with fewer job losses and service cuts, and made quicker recoveries."

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Bloomberg Businessweek "The New Startup South"

"This city of 670,000, a onetime hub for textile and apparel production, seems to have found the answer to the question confounding the U.S. right now: How do you revive postindustrial towns and make them part of the knowledge economy?"

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Travel + Leisure "Friendliest Cities"

Greenville, SC ranked as #3 friendliest city.

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US News "10 Underrated Cities for Art Lovers"

South Carolina may be world-renowned for its mouthwatering barbecue, but its flourishing art scene has emerged on the art aficionado's map, with more than 70 works featured as part of Greenville's Arts in Public Places initiative

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