A "Heart-to-Heart" with Social Entrepreneur David White

“If someone wants to change the world, if they say, ‘This is my platform: to make life better for everyone in my industry and my area of interest…I would love to help that person,’ and so would all of us who are entrepreneurs.” --David White, Fostering Great Ideas founder

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A Week of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

From Here You Can Change the World – and We Can Help You Do It

“We collaborate, we cooperate, we support. Our city understands the mindset of the entrepreneur. We know they don’t just want to make money. They want to make a difference.”

-Greenville City Manager John McDonough

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Meet the Visionaries Behind the Village West of Greenville’s Newly Renovated Art Haven

“I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Always thinking of the next big idea, and how we could find areas of opportunity that would prove financially beneficial while servicing the community.” --Eric Skoloff

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Celebrating Entrepreneurship in Greenville

“Startup Weeks are a blast, and there's really no better rallying cry for a region than when we all come out and play together.” --NEXT Upstate Executive Director, Eric Weissmann

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Greenville Supports Female Founders

Greenville is growing a collaborative ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and innovators. Taking advantage of that network and the resources already in place can help turn dreams into reality.

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Business is Totally Personal

Just ask anyone in the GVL Starts entrepreneurship program. A recent assignment forced them to feel all the feelings.

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Lesson for Founders: Learn from Mistakes of Others

“If you’re not making mistakes then you’re not doing anything.”

-John Wooden, Legendary college basketball coach

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More Than a Minute with Marty

“To us, love (L.O.V.E.) is living our values everyday. When we love our employees, when we love our community, when we love our customers, how can you go wrong?”

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