Warning: Once You Plug In, You'll Want to Keep That Energy Flowing

"...many mentors benefit from Village Launch just as much as the people they coach."

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Happy Hour: “When Greenville businesses say, ‘Help,’ we listen.”

Nate Tomforde, the owner of Southernside Brewing Company, reached out to the City Manager’s Office with a message: He was hurting. His business was down 40% since the trail was diverted. Can you open the bridge early?

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Third Thursday Helps Greenville Entrepreneurs Share What They Have to Offer

The Third Thursday Market is an off shoot of Village Launch, a non-profit social enterprise that supports grass-roots founders and innovators on their path toward profitability.

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Greenville Chamber Summit Offers 'Tools and Tactics' to Help Companies Move Toward Diversity and Inclusion

It says a lot about your employer and your community when you receive dozens of “out of office” or “can we reschedule” emails from co-workers, colleagues and connections during the Greenville Chamber’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit.

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GVL Starts Entrepreneurs Compete for Startup Grants, Showcase Their Businesses

Select members of the first cohort at Furman University’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship participated in “Demo Day,” a pitch competition to win a $5,000 grant to grow their startup.

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Greenville-Based Startup Goes Global

“In Greenville you can be a bigger fish in a little pond. You go to Atlanta or the bigger cities, Dallas, New York, and what happens is that you get lost in the big world where in Greenville there are so many resources, so many cool people that as a small entrepreneur you can still make a difference.”

Marty Osborn, Advoco

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