There’s chemistry here in the foothills of the

Blue Ridge Mountains.

Between bold new ventures and established investors, between dreamers and supporters, between business owners and community members.

From biotech and automotive to manufacturing and professional services, Greenville has supported and nourished those who’ve sought to start something new and world-changing. Sure, there are bigger cities out there, with jostling elbows, overwhelmed consumers and overcrowded markets. But the Upstate has something they don’t: a place for you—and people who genuinely want to see you succeed here.

You’ve got ambition; we’ve got expert resources.

You bring passion; we greet it with enthusiasm.

You trust your intuition; we reward it with proven pathways to success.

What We Have Here

Greenville, SC is truly like nowhere else. It’s been voted one of America’s most livable cities. It’s affordable. It’s beautiful…mountains and lakes for you nature lovers. A cool downtown for you city folks. Golf courses, soccer fields, tennis courts, pro baseball, pro hockey and pro soccer for you sporting types. Great educational institutions. Lots of stores, cutting-edge medical care, wonderful restaurants. And really nice people who have come here from everywhere. You’ll hear German accents, French accents, New Yawk accents, Southern accents, Mid-west accents, and on and on. And we have a business climate that’s as welcoming as our residents. You’ll feel at home instantly, and you’ll feel the support immediately.

What You Get Here

Our committed economic development partners, business-friendly state and local climate make it attractive and easy to do business here. In Greenville, SC, you’ll get access to: a top-notch educated and trained workforce, tax and relocation incentives, willing governmental and industry partners who are invested in your success, research institutions, incubator programs, and ready access to the venture capital and funding you may need to help your organization grow.

Why You Can Here

From here you can change the world. Our support systems, our access to capital, our educated and highly skilled workforce, and our hunger to see you succeed give you a leg up versus any other place we can think of. Here, even your competitors want to see you do well, because what’s good for one is good for all. This a part of the world where cutthroat is replaced with cooperation, where unity is part of the DNA and where people genuinely appreciate and encourage business success. We’re here to help. You want to do something that improves the world, that makes a difference, that enhances lives. We have that in common. And that’s why we hope to hear from you soon.

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