Read about the Doers changing the world from Greenville, South Carolina.

Bill Mitchell

Billiam Jeans founder

Bill Mitchell built his business using rare fabric woven on antique looms. Now, he’s designing a bright future as one of the most tech-forward manufacturers of custom jeans in America. The business he started in his parents’ basement, Billiam Jeans, is now thriving along the Swamp Rabbit Trail at Unity Park – weaving together cutting-edge technology, throwback designs, and careful attention to detail.

Bob Morgan

President and CEO, Quitchet

Entrepreneurship and innovation are coded into Bob Morgan’s DNA just as convenience and communication are coded into his real estate app, Quitchet. Bob has owned several businesses over the years, but all of them have combined attention to detail, creativity, and passion to help people. While it took six years for developers to bring his ideas to life, Bob says the time spent testing and tweaking Quitchet resulted in an app that could change the world for people buying or selling a home.

Marco Suarez

Co-founder, Methodical Coffee

Brewing a business happened organically for Marco Suarez and his two co-founders. They opened their first Methodical Coffee shop in downtown Greenville in 2015. Today, beans roasted here fuel customers across the country, but the Methodical men hope to expand their reach even more – adding flavor to cups around the world. The trio found their recipe for success through collaboration.

LaShonn Edmunds

Founder, CAIRS Shoes

A global pandemic, supply chain issues, and production problems are no match for a woman on a mission to get her “sass” back. Lymphedema may have briefly knocked down CAIRS Shoes founder LaShonn Edmunds, but she got back up ready to design her own destiny and change the world for women struggling to find their footing - and their self-esteem - after a devastating diagnosis.

Nicole Johnson

Co-owner, Boyd Cycling

Nicole Johnson and her husband Boyd moved to Greenville because the weather and terrain were an ideal mix for professional cyclists. They stayed because they built a great life and found the resources to grow a successful business with a young daughter along for the ride.

Nicole says entrepreneurship and pro cycling require a similar mindset. Passion, grit, and determination helped the couple excel in cycling. Success in business, Nicole says, also requires unflinching optimism and a lot of support.

Marty Osborn

Managing Director of Advoco, part of Accenture 

Positivity pours out of Marty Osborn. It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about his family, building a business, or how much he loves the Clemson Tigers. You could take his words, slap them on a poster, and inspire everyone who reads them.

Osborn grew up in Rochester, New York with a budding entrepreneurial spirit. He went to Clemson University and fell in love with the south. As partner at Advoco, he helped grow the company from two employees to more than 100. Their software consulting company became so successful, Fortune Global 500 company Accenture bought them out. Osborn says the City of Greenville played a big role in Advoco’s growth.

Matt Gevaert

CEO and Co-founder of KIYATEC, Inc.

Matt Gevaert moved to the Upstate from Canada 25 years ago to get a master’s degree from Clemson University’s internationally renowned bioengineering program. His challenging academic load might have short-circuited most people’s brains, but Gevaert had the bandwidth to flex his leadership muscles as grad school student body president. He continued to drive himself forward earning a Ph.D. and doing groundbreaking cancer drug research. KIYATEC was founded in 2005 and in December 2021 announced a $5 million dollar investment and the addition of nearly 100 new jobs. KIYATEC will anchor an Innovation District in downtown Greenville, with more biotech companies expected to follow his lead.

Gevaert says it’s a privilege to have Greenville as part of his story. He met his wife Theresa here. He’s raising his family here. His new office on Main is minutes from his children’s school. He’s living life to the fullest here. He’s changing the world of cancer treatment FROM HERE.

Ryan Johnston and Ryan Heafy

Co-founders of 6am City

There’s no doubt the guys behind one of the fastest growing local media companies in the nation love Greenville. Suffice it to say "the Ryans" are dialed in. They are visible. They are involved. Even as their daily eblast, GVL Today, expanded into a nationwide enterprise, they kept the connection to their home base. They say the city has a cheerleading mentality and supports entrepreneurs who are moving HERE from somewhere else.

“Greenville is still small enough and young enough but has a very entrepreneurial mindset… we’ve actually been able to fund our entire company to date — about $4 million — all with angel funding.”

Jon-Michial Carter

CEO of ChartSpan

Jon-Michial has a knack for seeing a need—and surrounding himself with the right people to fill that need. His team brought ChartSpan to Greenville, SC for a short growth phase, but ended up falling in love with the city. 

"In five years, by staying in Greenville, SC we became the largest provider of care coordination solutions in the United States. And we were only able to do that here because of the people and the business environment. Frankly, I don't know that we could have recreated that somewhere else. There are so many companies achieving so many great things here, and it’s not a coincidence. It's a remarkable business environment to grow and create a company." 

Kenzie Biggins

CEO of Worxbee

Kenzie Biggins moved from Atlanta to Greenville, SC at the suggestion of a well-known business woman. She knows good taste, having studied at SCAD—and she knows whether someone is bluffing or being real, thanks to a corporate career at Target. On top of that, she knows what kind of fast-paced work ethic a city requires, having lived in D.C. But more than anything, she knows that Greenville, SC has been the best thing for her company. Her business has multiplied a minimum of eight times its original size since she made the leap to relocate to the Upstate.

Matt McPheely | Chapel GVL | FromHere

Matt McPheely

Founder & Developer of Chapel GVL

Matt starts things. He is driven to create something that has never been done before. He takes a vision of how it can be done differently and better, and doesn’t stop until it becomes a reality. To do this, he becomes fully in tune with the area he is looking to develop—and asks important questions. How can he make the area better for the current residents? How can he provide jobs and training? How can this space be used to bring the community together? 

After growing up in and receiving his undergrad in Greenville, SC, his path took him to San Francisco, and then Austin, seeking new experiences. He recently moved his family back to Greenville, SC because he saw the raw potential. He saw an opportunity to make a mark.

"Greenville kind of has a different feel to it right now than it did. A trajectory that I'm more interested in, yet still early in that process. An opportunity to help shape it and improve here." 

Veera Gaul

Oil & Vinegar,

Veera grew up in India, but was told she couldn't follow her passion of working as a chef. She pursued higher education in the United States and as a second career founded Oil & Vinegar with her husband, Joe. They were scouting where they wanted to open their store, a place that appreciated high quality food, a place full of entertainment and culture. When they visited Greenville, SC, they knew it was the right place.

"Truth be told, we actually made the decision being here after an hour and a half sitting at a restaurant, listening to music and watching the people and families in the street and dancing...That was better than we would have expected. And again in a small town. But I think for us it was really the fact that there are so many people from different parts of the world in this town because of the kinds of industries here. So we didn't feel like we were going to a place that was this sleepy little town."

Veera Gaul
Paul Ryll | Mint & Parsley

Paul Ryll

Co-Owner Mint & Parsley, Tipsy Taco Clemson, & O.M. Appraisal Group

Paul has seen the world, literally, as a marine. He came to Greenville by chance, to get his appraisal license and stayed. Through a co-working space, he found the support and opportunities that would have been lost in a big city.

Paul is the entrepreneur that can't help but "see the opportunities, and where it could be profitable, where it could help the community, and where it could employ a lot of people."

"From business owners to Councilmen, I know now that I can pick up this phone and I can call any of them and they will take my call and they will give me advice. Free, complete advice about entrepreneurship, about HR issues.”

There is story after story of founders in Greenville, SC that are changing the world. Let us help you write yours.